Well done to Dan... true to his word.. head shaved and in doing so raised a brilliant £160 for Magic Moments.. 

Well done Dan.. 

Dan at Fleet has kindly agreed to let the Team at Fleet shave his head…. completely bald, in aid of Magic Moments!!!!!

The date of the “event” is Wednesday 4th July, 6pm at the Fleet Office….. Dan is keen to raise as much sponsorship as possible, so please if you wish, use the just donate button to donate and cheer him on!!

This is what Dan has to say "I decided to do this because my dodgy knee is not letting me climb a mountain, run a marathon or cycle for two days! Also, most people who know me well understand that I have an over inflated opinion of myself (ha!!), so cutting off my hair will knock me down a peg or two and be very difficult to go through with! As it’s on a Wednesday evening, the kids will be with me as well and I think they’ll find it hilarious, but maybe a bit scary! We thought that we could do it in the office and get as many landlords and tenants to come into the office to witness it, and we’ll put on some snacks and drinks"

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